Medical Company UNIX Distributes ABT Biomarker Generator Systems in Russia

August 3, 2015

ABT Molecular Imaging and Medical Company UNIX have partnered to support sales and service of the new “Dose on Demand” Biomarker Generator in Russia.  The Biomarker Generator System provides on-site access to F-18 and advanced PET biomarkers to further expand the utilization of PET.

“We are very proud of our partnership with UNIX” said Peter Kingma, President and CEO of ABT Molecular Imaging.  “They are the leading provider of diagnostic imaging and radiation oncology equipment and services in Russia, and they can provide their customers a complete turnkey solution for the integration of Molecular Imaging.”

UNIX is planning their first system installations for later this year.  The company is also the first to offer a complete modular solution for the integration of PET, including portable modules for the ABT Biomarker Generator, the PET/CT Scanner, and the patient preparation area.

“The ABT Biomarker Generator will provide our customers a much simplier solution to having on site access to PET biomarkers”, said Aram Bekchyan, founder of UNIX.  “The ABT Biomarker Generator dramatically enhances our position as a leading provider of Oncology and Nuclear Medicine services, and we believe that the product will have a significant impact on the adoption and expansion of PET in Russia”.

Medical Company UNIX has been operating on the market of high medical technologies since 1999. Being an integrator of complex solutions, the company implements large-scale "turnkey" projects in the field of medical engineering and equipping of health facilities.

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