Everyone Deserves Access to PET

September 10, 2015


ABT Molecular Imaging is a revenue-stage company that designs, manufactures and distributes an affordable, micro-footprint Biomarker Generator for PET imaging agents.  The Biomarker Generator produces individual doses of sterile, quality-controlled contrast material on demand, in a prepared syringe, for injection directly into a patient. FDG, the most commonly used biomarker, is needed by every PET scanner, and is the gold standard in cancer imaging.  Prior to the ABT solution, PET was limited to developed markets able to sustain capital-intense centralized manufacturing and distribution of FDG.  ABT’s Biomarker Generator is opening global markets to PET by offering a fully-automated, affordable solution at the point-of-care.  The Company has a highly-experienced management team with nearly 100 years of collective practice in the PET industry.

Our Vision is clear, and simple: Two-thirds of the world currently has little or no access to PET. Our goal is to make PET available to as many people as possible, who otherwise would enjoy little chance of benefitting from this life-saving technology. ABT’s self-contained small-footprint solution is uniquely tailored to increase global access to PET, with the highest quality standards at a fraction of the acquisition and running cost of conventional systems.

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