PRESS RELEASE: TeamBest Companies Enters Agreement to Acquire ABT Molecular Imaging, Inc. and Announces Creation of Best ABT, Inc.

November 12, 2018

Washington, DC & Knoxville, TN USA • Vancouver, BC Canada, November 12, 2018 - Best Medical International, Inc. (BMI) and Best Cyclotron Systems (BCS) both part of the TeamBest group of companies, are pleased to announce the creation of Best ABT, Inc. Best ABT, Inc. has entered into an agreement to acquire ABT Molecular Imaging, Inc. (ABT), a Knoxville, TN based cyclotron manufacturing company.

The TeamBest group of companies, founded by Krishnan Suthanthiran, is headquartered in Springfield, Virginia, USA, and manufactures a variety of quality products for the radiation therapy and diagnostic community. BCS currently offers a wide array of cyclotrons ranging from 15 MeV to 70 MeV. A fully-functioning Best 70 MeV cyclotron has been successfully installed in Legnaro, Italy. BCS is currently installing several other cyclotrons in various countries worldwide.

Best ABT, Inc. will be a valuable addition to the TeamBest cyclotron portfolio that will allow TeamBest to deliver quality oncology diagnosis and care to a large group of currently underserved patients worldwide. The acquisition of ABT will bring a wealth of experience in smaller cyclotron technology, as well as in automated chemistry to TeamBest. The cyclotron manufactured by ABT, the BG-75 Biomarker Generator (BG-75 System) is smaller and easier to install and operate than most conventional systems. The BG-75 integrates a compact cyclotron with micro-chemistry and automated quality control system, to provide on-demand F-18 FDG production in one seamless solution (“Dose-On-Demand”) to support the diagnostic community. With more than 25 BG-75 Systems sold worldwide, Best ABT, Inc. will allow the TeamBest group of companies to expand its global reach into more diverse markets than ever before.

With this acquisition, TeamBest is taking another step in delivering on its promise to deliver “healthcare for everyone”. Together with Best Cure Foundation (BCF), the TeamBest group of companies will set up a hub-and-spoke model healthcare delivery system, linked to General, as well as Super-Specialty Medical Centers, availing themselves of all of TeamBest’s new and advanced technologies worldwide.

For more information, please visit or visit our booth #4124 at RSNA in Chicago, Illinois November 25–28, 2018.


Manny Subramanian, Ph.D. +1 703-451-2378
Director of Research & Development, Best Medical International, Inc.

Krishnan Suthanthiran +1 703-451-2378
President & Founder, TeamBest Companies • Best Cure Foundation

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