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Worldwide Implementation

Case Study - Varna, Bulgaria

Sveta Marina University Hospital


Prior to the installation of the ABT System, Sveta Marina Hospital established PET/CT services by importing 18F-FDG from a neighboring country via air travel, dramatically limited scheduling availability, and increasing the cost to perform PET/CT studies. 


Sveta Marina constructed a compact building adjacent to the hospital’s Nuclear Medicine Department to house the ABT System. No special shielding was required, and the hospital utilized existing staff to operate the system. The PET production center was up and running within seven months from the start of construction, and within 3 months of system delivery, demonstrating the site planning and logistic advantages of installing the “Dose on Demand™” Biomarker Generator.

The ABT System provides the first fully integrated solution, combining a compact 7.5 MeV cyclotron, card based micro-chemistry, and automated quality control, for single-dose 18F-FDG production. The ABT solution provided cost effective in-house production of 18F-FDG, on demand access, and unlimited PET/CT scheduling availability. 

Sveta Marina University Hospital is the largest diagnostic and consultative medical university complex in Varna, and the first facility in Bulgaria to implement in house biomarker production. Their experience demonstrates the clinical utility, and ease of implementation, of ABT’s Biomarker Generator System.

Case Study – Karachi, Pakistan

Aga Kahn University Hospital


Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) is the top Medical University in Pakistan, and the only JCIA accredited tertiary healthcare facility in the country. AKUH did not want to rely on a centralized radio-pharmacy for supply of 18F-FDG, which depended heavily on transportation infrastructure and logistics. Their goal was to implement cost effective, reliable, in-house production to support their new PET/CT Service.


Aga Khan was able to utilize an existing 40m² space to install the ABT “Dose on Demand™” BG-75 Biomarker Generator. The system required much less space, and required no separate quality control lab. Minimal modifications were needed, resulting in a quick and cost effective installation. The space, cost, and complexity differences between ABT’s solution and competitors’ conventional products provided significant advantages. In partnership with ABT’s local distributor, Allmed Solutions, the BG-75 system was operational, and Aga Kahn was scanning patients with their new PET/CT Scanner, within a few weeks of system arrival. The system is designed for simplicity, using a single operator, allowing Aga Kahn to implement and quickly expand their new Molecular Imaging Service. 

Dr. Maseeh uz Zaman, Nuclear Medicine Chief at Aga Khan, stated: “I have believed for some time that global expansion of PET would depend, to a significant extent, on moving from existing centralized models for 18F-FDG production, to decentralized models, utilizing a compact, user-friendly cyclotron with automated radiochemistry and quality control.” “ABT has delivered on this promise with the Biomarker Generator, enabling us to produce cost effective and reliable on-demand 18F-FDG in-house.”


Learn more about the smaller, simpler to install and more cost-effective Biomarker Generator by downloading the BG-75 specification sheets and facility planning data sheets.

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Because the BG-75 is smaller, easier to install and simpler to operate than conventional cyclotrons, it's making a huge impact on the global expansion of PET imaging. Read our testimonials for more.

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